Find Accomodation

General Housing Applications:

Our waiting list is open to all applicants over the age of 16.  Depending on the size of property you are waiting for there can be a lengthy wait.

In the first instance you should complete the application form either by downloading it from the downloads page on the website or by contacting our office and we will post it out to you.  Once you have completed the form and supplied any necessary back up documentation the form will be processed and you will be advised of your points.  This normally takes about 10 days.

Each year we carry out a waiting list cleansing operation and we will write to you and ask if you wish to remain on the list.  If we do not hear from you we will write again and after that we will suspend your application form.

Sheltered Housing Applications:

If you wish to apply for sheltered housing we would ask that you complete the sheltered housing application form which can be downloaded from the Downloads page on the website.

Please note, both the sheltered housing application form and the standard application form must be filled in if you are applying for sheltered accommodation.